Specialized software development

Insidelogic started in 2007 with the aim of turning a passion for technology into great solutions.

Small and agile, working on the edge.

We push the boundaries, providing you with the best ideas that comes out of our research.

Your software is important, very often core to your business, and we are ready to support you by maintaining and constantly improving what we've built.

We'll be with you on your journey.

Our solutions are designed to be modular, and highly optimised in code and complexity. We focus on quality to make maintenance easier and safer.

Designing great software has many aspects.

From working with you to identify opportunities to discussing requirements with end-users, it's all about ensuring that you get what you need, and applying our experience to guide your decisions.

Like any field, good tools are a necessity, and our toolbox is cutting edge. We spend around 40% of our time on research, and you reap the benefits.

We love building software, anything from mobile apps to enterprise systems. Insidelogic creates fresh, modern and well designed solutions for any problem or need, using cutting edge techniques.

Our applications are simple to use, without training, while providing a balance between complexity and user effectiveness.

We have been building Internet-based applications since the Internet started; we understand it deeply, and use it to it's fullest potential.

Security, speed, simplicity and effectiveness are what we live by. If your business has a custom requirement, we can build it.

IFS FSM (Metrix) Development

We have been developing custom portals and integrations to IFS FSM for many years and have a lot of experience and a large toolbox.

Our own Framework has a number of modules to work with IFS FSM, which speeds up development of portals.

Web Application Development

Insidelogic builds software using all the benefits presented by the latest web technologies. This allows you to work and access your data anywhere, on any device.

Mobile Applications            

Our custom framework allows us to quickly build secure and scalable real-time mobile applications for any device, allowing for both online and offline functionality.

System Integrations            

Integrating various software systems is our strength. It could mean implementing a real-time messaging solution, or taking data from many systems and presenting it in a single application.

Logistics, Field Service, Repair

We have been building custom portals, extensions and integrations for IFS FSM (previously Metrix) customers for 12 years, implementing custom workflows or specialized solutions.